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Qishan Old Street
Location:  Huazhong Street, Zhongshan Road and Fuxing Road area, Qishan Town, Kaohsiung County
Date: 2008-06-26 22:11:02
GPS:  22° 53' 6.40
Traffic Information: By car: Come off National Highway 10 at the Qishan Interchange → Fuxing Street
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Qishan (Cishan) Old Street begins Qishan Station and in reality encompasses several streets. Within the street and the surrounding area are houses in many different styles, including southern Chinese traditional courtyard houses (sanheyuan), mud-and-stone residences, historic houses, buildings in baroque style and more. Each building can be seen as a living artefact of the past - full of historic significance, yet in use to this day. The area also contains several buildings of cultural and educational significance: Qishan Primary School, Old Gushan Primary School (now Qishan Cultural Park), the Confucius Temple, and Qishan Park, where inhabitants can pass their leisure time.

The crowded morning market atmosphere of the streets and their quiet afternoon appearance make a vivid contrast. From dawn, the streets bustle with lively crowds, most of whom still rely on traditional markets for their shopping. Locally grown produce is sold in the market, but peddlers also come from other counties to sell their wares, although it doesn’t take long to discover that many stallholders grew up in the area and only moved away later. Aside from such daily necessities, traditional snacks, necessities, plants and flowers and olden-style arts and crafts handiworks can also be found in the market. Locals have their own ways and their own pace of living: this not only forms a contrast to the crowds of tourists who arrive in the afternoons, but in a sense also echoes them. All are simply looking for their own way forward in the modern world, and come to experience for themselves the ways of the past.

Strolling through Qishan, there is a sense of welcome, of a town that has kept its human touch, and that the townsfolk are happy with what they have. The simplest lives are often the happiest.
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