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Qiaotou Sugar Refinery
Location:  No. 24, Qiaotou Township, Tangchang Road, Kaohsiung City
Date: 2015-04-13 05:56:46
GPS:  22° 45' 22.90
Traffic Information: By rail, MRT: Qiaotou Sugar Refinery Station/By car: Provincial Highway 1 → Tangchang Road (Sugar Factory Road)
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Qiaotou (Ciaotou) Sugar Refinery was established in 1901 in the Japanese period of Taiwan’s history and is now over 100 years old. Originally known as Taiwan Sugar Company Qiaotou No. 1 Refinery, it was the first factory in Taiwan to use modern machinery. The buildings are baroque in style, and the complex also includes a life-size bronze statue of Guanyin and 19 other relics. The refinery was an important stronghold of the early years of the Taiwanese sugar industry.

Qiaotou Sugar Refinery ceased production in 1999, and in 2002 was designated a county-level historic site by Kaohsiung County Government. The refinery complex includes five rail engines, Japanese-style dormitories, air-raid shelters, a red-brick water tower, and all kinds of tools and equipment for refining sugar. The whole complex and the artifacts within are extremely well preserved.

The refinery is roughly split into two halves: the first was the refinery, which includes factory buildings, old machinery, the five rail engines and more. The other half is the residential area, which contains Japanese-style dormitories, an enormous rain tree, Xing Sugar Elementary School and several well-preserved empty red-brick buildings.
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