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Qijin Seaside Park
Location:  990 Qijin Road Section Three, Qijin, Kaohsiung
Date: 2008-06-27 05:59:02
Traffic Information: By car: Zhongshan Road→Cross-Harbor Tunnel→Qijin Road Section Three/ By ferry: Cijin Ferry Station→Qijin Road Section Three
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Kaohsiung City Government developed Qijin(Cijin) Seaside Park in recognition and response to the unique geographical characteristics of the area.  The area encompassed by the plan includes Qijin Seawater Bathing Area to the south, stretches to the Zhongzhou Sewage Treatment Plant to the north, and is bounded by Qijin Road to the west.  As the name implies, Qijin Seaside Park is designed to celebrate coastal landscapes.  A main trail runs through the park linking the bathing area, the seaside walk pathway, a cross-country area and a nature preserve.  These four distinct areas demonstrate the multi-faceted appeal the park has.

Additionally, the park has a viewing platform where visitors can look from the coast all the way out to the sea, supported by 15 pillars each 15 meters tall.  Standing on the platform, visitors can enjoy the waves as they crash into the coast, which is bound to leave a deep and unforgettable impression.  The buildings in Qijin Seaside Park are painted in three colors, white, gray-blue, and light blue, so as to be in harmony with the natural colors of sea and sky.  The park’s scenic trail is about 1 kilometer long, and with a cycle path down one side and the back on the other. As dusk falls, whether strolling or cycling, tourists can enjoy picturesque charms of the seaside park.

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