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Chai Shan Local Chicken Village
Location:  Chaishan, Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Date: 2008-06-27 09:35:39
GPS:  22° 38' 41.70
Traffic Information: By car: Zhong Jen Junction, Wu Fu Road, Gu Shan Road, Ling Hai Road, Yan Hai Road, Lien Hai Road
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Chai Shan Village, also known as Chai Shan Resort, is situated in Taoyuan Neighborhood, Gushan District in Kaohsiung City. In earlier times, the village was in a restricted military zone and was little known. Afterwards, the control of Chai Shan was loosened, the number of seafood and local chicken restaurants increased, and so did the number of tourists.

Chai Shan Resort is a very old village. During the Ming Dynasty, the Makatto people of the Siraya tribe lived here. This location has mountains at the rear and faces the sea, and so is a good vantage point. The citizens mainly fished for a living, and sold fire wood as side job. During free time, Chai Shan people would often cut down branches, old trees, and sell them in Zuoying, Gushan, and Qijin. Acacia firewood burned easily, while longan firewood was fire-resistant, so it was called “top scholar firewood.”

The Chai Shan Resort is situated in a special geographical location. In the Japanese Colonial Period, it was listed as a restricted military zone. There was even a rule that people could only move out, but not move in. Therefore, the population decreased overtime. Originally, there was a Gu Shan Elementary School Chai Shan Campus, but it has been demolished.

Seeing the Chai Shan village from Kaohsiung, it has its back to the mountains. If you view Chai Shan from the Taiwan Straits side,the beautiful night scenery of Kaohsiung is on the other side of the mountains; The Taiwan Strait side is without light pollution and  is probably the only place in Kaohsiung where you  can see the stars.
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