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Urban Spotlight
Location:  6, Zhonghua 3rd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City
Date: 2015-01-15 14:00:00
GPS:  22°37'23.27
Traffic Information: By MRT; Central Park station/ By Bus: 12,15,25,33,50
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Urban Spotlight is 150 meters long and is on Zhongshan Road, Zhonggua Road and Wufu Road. Its design was a joint effort by nine local artists:Lin Xi-jun, Su Zhi-che, Lin Li-hua, Chen Ming-hui, Huang Wen-yong, Pan Da-qian, Liu Su-xin, Wang Guo-yi and Chen Jian-ming, on the theme of “light.”

Sections of roads that were once dark are now artistic and the later it gets the more beautiful the lights become. There is a café that many people are familiar with, as well as the The Wall of Hope. The Wall of Hope features the smiling faces of 2001 Kaohsiung Citizens of all ages, making everyone feel happy.

The starting point of the design of Urban Spotlight was to create a place of art and space. When you pass, apart from branch, there are human, dog, door, window and ladder designs. The dog and ladder designs are favorite places to have photos taken. Surrounded by brilliant blue lights, here you can enjoy jazz as you stroll, spending some leisurely time admidst the bustle of the city,  enjoying life.

Here you can feel the warmth of the people of Kaohsiung. The crowds begin to gather in the afternoon and at 10-11pm people of all ages are still strolling and chatting. Kaohsiung is more beautiful the later the hour.
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