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Donghua Shadow Puppet Theater
Location:  No. 343 Sanmin Road, Sannai Village, Dashe District, Kaohsiung City
Date: 2012-03-15 15:30:00
GPS:  120°20’36.14”E/22°43’53.35”N
Traffic Information: Take the Dashe exit at the Nanzi Interchange of National Highway One → Xingnan Road/No. 47 Township Road → Zhongshan Road → Zhongzheng Road → Sanmin Road
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The Donghua Shadow Puppet Troupe boasts a history of over 200 years. Formerly known as the Dexing Group, they are the most famous cultural export of the Dashe region. Fifth generation artist Zhang Decheng (now deceased), alongside with Li Tianlu and others, was officially proclaimed a Folk Arts Master in the first such election in 1989, and was recognised as a national treasure. Chinese shadow puppetry is among the earliest forms of entertainment to make use of changing effects of light and shadow. It has a rich vein of the fantastic, and unites elements of painting, carving, music, performance into this ancient graphic art. The design of the model of each shadow puppet often shows many sculptural focus points. Under the control of the performers and accompanied by song, narration and percussive instruments, the puppets move with the story, ingeniously transforming it into a 2-dimensional space and creating a half-real, half-illusory shadow world. The traditions of the Donghua Shadow Puppet Troupe have been passed down from generation to generation, and they have the longest history of any shadow puppet group in Taiwan. They are unusual in that they have evolved with the times, and to not confine themselves to performing in a strictly traditional fashion. They work to improve all aspects of their art: making their screens larger, their puppets bigger and their colors more vivid, techniques to allow the joints of the puppets to move more smoothly and perform high difficulty moves, as well as the manufacture of special lights to produce special effects in their scenes at any time.
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