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Zhonglun Cheng Huang Temple
Location:  No.3, Chenghuang Ln., Ziguan Rd., Ziguan Dist., Kaohsiung City 826, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Date: 2012-03-17 10:41:04
GPS:  120°16’5.52”E/22°45’29.58”N
Traffic Information: National Highway 1, exit Gang Shan junction, go along County Road 186 (An Jao Road, Jie Sho East Road, Jie Sho Road)westward, connects with Provincial Highway 19 (Jie Sho West Road, Ding Tang Road, Shi Tang Road, Zhi Guan Road), make a left turn onto Chen
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During the 7th year of the Jiaqng Era of the Qing Dynasty,local government officials recommended that the temple should be named Zi Guan, which could worship Cheng Huang. After the meetings of the citizens, the name was changed to Cheng Huang Temple. The Thousand Year Chi Fu originally worshipped at the original temple was moved to Zhonglun. In 1977, due to the better economy and the government’s protection of religions. The demand for religious belief increased and many people proposed reconstruction of the temple. After renovation, the temple took on the look it has today, south-facing and with ancient palace architectural style. The main hall has a statue of the Cheng Huang God, on the side are Wen Pan Guan, Jia Yeh, Suo Yeh, Ox-head, Horse-face, Chi Yeh, and Ba Yeh.

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