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Date: 2012-03-24 10:18:42
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The key execution key points of Kaoshiung City Government Bureau of Cultural Affairs for movie production subsidies: On April 12, 2011, Kaoshiung City Government passed the proposal at the 15th municipal meeting
一、These points are formulated facilitate the working together of this Bureau and the Juridical Endowment Cultural Foundation of Kaoshiung City (the Foundation hereafter) in subsidizing and investing in movie production in order to nurture the film industry and promote city marketing.
二、 The subsidy and investment in these key points it is limited to filmmakers licensed in accordance with  Article 6 of the Motion Picture Act.
三、The Bureau of Cultural Affairs and its related government organizations will set aside an annual budget for  subsidizing film production. The Kaoshiung Film archive should be the implementing body.
四、The Bureau of Cultural Affairs and its related government organizations must come up with an annual budget plan in subsidizing film production. The foundation should establish a film development fun account.
五、For  films that meet the following criteria, the enforcement authority and foundation will subsidize or invest in production of the film.
 (一)The content of the film uses this city as background or presents identifiable images of the city.
 (二)Completion of production and showing in theaters within two years after receipt of subsidy or investment.
 (三)Possesses commercial value and feasibility
     For film producers who receive subsidy and investment simultaneously, the amount of subsidy is not higher than that of investment.
六、 In order for the Bureau of Cultural Affairs to examine film production, it should subsidize and invest in  an examination group. There should be five to seven members in the  investigation group, with one representative from the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, implementing body, and foundation, respectively. Scholars and experts with related professional knowledge of film production ,issuing, and financial affairs should be appointed as well. The subsidy and investigation of film production should be investigated collectively.
七、When the Foundation invests in film production, along with film producers and other investors, the settlement capital should be distributed proportional to investment amount, and save in the film development fund account. The balanced capital should be distributed five years after the movie is played in the theater or issued, with  amount of investment the maximum amount.
八、In order for the Bureau of Cultural Affairs or the foundation to control the cash flow direction of subsidy and investment, inspection of debt handling, and ensure other legal relationships,the assistance of financial institutions, accountants, lawyers, or other professionals is required.
九、Film producers who receive investment from the foundation should submit  financial analysis reports certified by an accountant, within five years after the film is shown at the theater,issued,or before the foundation’s distributed settlement capital reaches the investment amount, according to the following regulations.
 (一)In the first year, seasonal financial analysis report should be submitted.
 (二)In the second year, an annual financial analysis report should be submitted.
十、 When the foundation invests in film production, it should sign an investment contract with the film producers, specifying the regulations from key points seven to nine.
十一、In order to invest in film production, the foundation should propose a plan and put it into practice after it is approved by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

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