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The Agongdian Reservoir
Location:  No.1, Gongcheng Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City
Date: 2012-03-22 17:39:14
GPS:  120°21’24.85”E/22°48’6.89”N
Traffic Information: Come off the motorway at the Gangshan Interchange, and take County Expressway 186 towards Yanchao. In Yanchao, transfer onto Xinsheng Road and head north along Township Road 14
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The Agongdian Reservoir covers an area of 31.87 square kilometers, and is fed by the Agongdian River and the Zhuoshui River. The reservoir is close to a military area, and serves multiple purposes: flood prevention, irrigation, tourism, water provision and more, although flood prevention remains its primary objective. The Agongdian Reservoir is vast is size, and the shores of the lake twist and turn. It is a beautiful sight, with its the blue water amid lush green surroundings, and on non-working days the area is a popular destination for walkers and campers. On the 17th January, 2010, the Agongdian Reservoir cycle path formally opened, the first cycle path in Taiwan to circumnavigate a reservoir.
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