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Wushan mud volcano
Location:  On Wushan Lane, Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City
Date: 2012-03-22 15:05:27
GPS:  120°24’24.14”E/22°47’47.66”N
Traffic Information: National Highway 1→join National Highway 10 heading for Qishan→exit at Yanchao System Interchange and turn right at Hengshan Road (Expressway 22) →join Daren Road→join Shenxing Road→turn left when you see the sign for Wushan mud volcano and carr
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Yanchao has the most craters and most highly developed mud cones of any mud volcano area in Taiwan. Small craters can be seen all over, creating an interesting sight. To protect the precious mud volcano landscape, collecting the mud and lighting the craters are prohibited. Volcano mud hasn’t just given Yanchao a special natural landscape mud, the mud from the many eruptions over the years has covered the whole district, leaving the soil rich in magnesium, which is why the guava grown in the area are so good and renowned all over Taiwan. Thick mud flowing down the sides of a cone is a microcosm of the eruption of a huge volcano. (Part of this text was taken from Kaohsiung Travel Net.) 
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