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Mituo Seashore Amusement Park
Location:  the end of Guanghe Rd., Mituo Dist., Kaohsiung City
Date: 2012-03-17 17:15:30
GPS:  120°13’30.8”E/22°46’54.96”N
Traffic Information: Come off National Highway 1 at the Kangshan Interchange and follow County Highway 186 (Anzhao Road, Jiejia East Road, Jiejia Road) westwards. Pick up Tai 19 (Jiejia West Road, Dingtan Road, Shitan Road, Ziguan Road). then turn left onto Tai 17 (Dashe Nort
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Mituo Seashore Amusement Park was the first seaside leisure area in the Kaohsiung region to be developed by the government. There are footpaths on top of the surrounding levees offering seaside views, whilst the levees themselves are about 2 meters high. Below the dykes is a pavilion, well suited to drinking tea in, chatting, watching the sunset and listening to the sound of the waves. In the three kilometers of territorial waters off the beach, anglers can often be seen fishing. When night falls and the sun sinks in the west, the rosy golden glow is reflected in the waters, giving the area the name ‘the Golden Coast’.


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