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Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area
Location:  Liugui District, Kaohsiung City (Taiwan Provincial Highway 28, Provincial Highway 27A)
Date: 2015-04-24 10:29:13
GPS:  120°38’30.47”E/22°57’1.95”N
Traffic Information: National Highway 10→ Tianliao Interchange→ Qishan→ Taiwan Provincial Highway, then join Provincial Highway 27A
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Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area is on Provincial Highway 27A, next to the Laonong River in Liugui District. It is formed by over 40 cone shaped peaks that resemble flames, so as well as being called Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area it is also called Liugui Huoyanshan (Fire Mountain). It is obvious why it is called Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area, the tier upon tier of peaks looking like the Eighteen Arhats standing side by side.

The geological stratum here is a thick layer of gravel. After the gravel emerged from the water, as a result of exogenetic processes, lumps of gravel began to fall off, then down cutting erosion formed the separate peaks, leading to the area being called Taiwan’s “Little Guilin”.

The gravel stratum has good water permeability so is easily down cut but, in dry periods, steep slopes can be maintained, creating a special scene. Plants don't grow easily here which is why it is also called Huoyanshan badland terrain. 

The special terrain here includes a U shaped valley, gorge, peaks, meander and dry river gorge. The name Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area was given because the unusual terrain’s resembles to the 18 Arhats. The best place to view Eighteen Arhats Mountain Area is from the opposite bank of Laonong River from where the beautiful river and mountain scenery can be taken in in full. (text taken from the website of the Maolin National Scenic Area, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC)
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