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Lover’s Wharf
Location:  Sec. 1, Dongfang Rd., Qieding Dist., Kaohsiung City 852, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Date: 2012-03-21 17:52:04
GPS:  120°12’43.86”E/22°52’49.56”N
Traffic Information: Come off National Highway No. 1 at the Luzhu Interchange→ Take Provincial Highway No. 28 (ringroad) towards Luzhu→Provincial Highway No. 28 West (Dongfang Road), continue straight on until destination is reached.
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Lover’s Wharf is an elevated wooden walkway which extends out towards the sea, with steps descending in a spiral to create high and low platforms, thereby increasing the number of seats available for visitors to rest in. Ocean Theater, on the second level, faces to the west. From its heights the waves flowing across the bay, sea breeze, and sailboats below can be viewed, whilst further away the iconic smokestacks of Xing Da Power Plant and the apartment blocks nearby residential areas can be seen in the distance. In the evening your eyes will be drawn to the setting sun on the horizon, and after dusk the lights on Lover’s Wharf come on, giving the walkway a romantic atmosphere.
Tags: Qieding (Jiading) , docks , Luzhu , Provincial Highway 17 , Provincial Highway 28

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