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Wude Martial Arts Center
Location:  36 Dengshan Street (behind Gushan Primary School), Gushan District, Kaohsiung
Date: 2015-04-07 19:56:01
GPS:  22° 37' 31.50
Traffic Information: By car: Chiang Kai-shek Interchange → Wufu Road → Gushan Road → Binhai Road → Dengshan Street
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The origins of Wude Martial Arts Center lie within the Japanese police system, when the hall was used as a venue to teach policemen and students kendo and judo. Every year martial arts competitions were held across Taiwan to promote the bushido spirit. After preliminary rounds to identify talent, the finalists were gathered together at their respective regional headquarters - the Wude Martial Arts Center - to compete in the final rounds.

Kaohsiung’s Wude Martial Arts Center was completed in 1924. It is located in Chome Minato-Machi (present-day Hamasen), and resembles other police stations of the time. The interior is divided into two sections. The eastern part was used for teaching kendo, whilst the west was for teaching judo. It had a total capacity of 100, and was mainly used for teaching policemen and young students judo, kendo and other martial arts. 

The brick-built building has an imposing exterior: it includes a veranda with Roman pillars and stately images can be seen on the walls, namely an arrow and a target which together represent the Japanese bushido spirit. The building resembles a grand Japanese traditional temple, the doors flanked by 100 year old royal poinciana and banyan trees.

After the Second World War, Wude Martial Arts Center came under the administration of Gushan National School and was used as a dormitory for teaching and administration staff. However, as no-one moved in, the building was effectively left abandoned. Kaohsiung City Department of Culture finished renovating the building in 2005, and entrusted its management to the Kaohsiung City Kendo Culture Promotion Association. The hall is now the only Japanese-era martial arts center to have kept its original function.
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