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Xiziwan (Sizihwan) Bay
Location:  No.110, Lianhai Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City
Date: 2015-08-05 20:12:25
GPS:  22° 37' 11.10
Traffic Information: By car: Zhongzheng Interchange → Wufu Road → Gushan Road → Binhai Road → Lianhai Road
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Xiziwan (Sizihwan) Bay stands at the southwestward foot of Mount Chai. The southern edge of the bay looks out over the sea to the island of Qijin across the water, and the shore is composed of rocks formed from petrified coral reef. The northernmost point is beside Mount Chai, and is a pleasant swimming spot with sand underfoot. In the early Qing dynasty, Xiziwan Bay was known as the Foreign Road Bay (Yanglu Bay), Foreigner Bay (Yangzi Bay), or Slanted Bay (Xie Bay). However, under the influence of Minnanese pronunciation, the original ‘xiezaiwan’ slowly evolved into today’s pronunciation of ‘xiziwan’. Thanks to the glow of the setting sun in the west at dusk - the Xizi Sunset – was once ranked among the eight sights of Taiwan.

A seawall stands before the main gate of  National Sun Yat-sen University. Thanks to the nature of its construction, the indented hollows in the wall are just the right size for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder. Many couples come to enjoy the sunset and night views in this romantic setting, and so the seawall has gained the nickname the Turnip Wall, from the Chinese idiom ‘one turnip, one hole’.

The Temple of the Eighteen Princes stands not off, as does the Takau (Takao) British Consulate , Xiongzhen North Gate,  and Shaochuantou (The No. 1 Shipping Canal), forming a string of scenic attractions. The citizens of Kaohsiung like to fish and catch crabs beside the seawall, or simply to rest and watch the ships as they move in and out of the harbor.

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