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Liugui Passenger Station
Location:  No.30, Huanan St., Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Date: 2015-04-24 04:10:49
GPS:  22° 59' 52.50
Traffic Information: By car: National Highway 10 → Meinong → Liugui
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During the Japanese era, Liugui (Liouguei) was a traffic hub for Japanese police on route to the Liugui mountainous tribal areas. The requirements of the police and the many forest industry workers who passed through the town led to the construction of the Ikeda House, and the guesthouse and town as a whole became important rest stops for Japanese travellers and policemen. The house stands as witness and testimony to the opening and development of the Liugui region which took place under the Japanese.

The Ikeda House is laid out in a ㄇ shape - a main building with a wing on each side. The complex faces west, and is surrounded by a courtyard. There are three individual one-storey buildings in the courtyard, built from wood in the Japanese style. To ensure that the building has sufficient weight on its foundations, and to guard against ants and damp, the Ikeda House rests on triple-layered foundations, about 33 centimeters in height. The outer foundation wall is made from stone with a layer of concrete on top, whilst the interior foundations are constructed partly from stone and partly from redbrick. Inside, supports were placed beneath the floors in a criss-cross pattern, raising the floors off the ground to help prevent damp. Some of these are set into the irregular bedrock, others stand on concrete bases.

In 1953, the Kaohsiung Bus Company took on the Ikeda House lease, and in 1961 the company bought it outright. The building is still used as a passenger station to this day. The main building today serves as ticket office, waiting room, office and staffroom. As the station is a transfer point for buses to Liugui county, Maolin county and Taoyuan county among other destinations, it has a nostalgic place in the hearts of locals, as the station is their point of departure to leave Liugui for study or work. For them, the station is full of personal and emotional history.
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