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Qianzhen Fishing Port
Location:  Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City
Date: 2008-04-30 15:25:03
GPS:  22
Traffic Information: By car: Zhongshan Interchange→Harbor Road/Yugang Road→Xinsheng Road→Yugang East 2nd Road
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Qianzhen Fishing Port (Cianjhen Fising Port) is Taiwan’s largest fishing base. The oldest fishing base was originally Kaohsiung’s Cihou Fishing Port, because of the limited land along the coast, a new port was constructed in Shaochuantou during the Japanese era. It was then reconstructed on the opposite coast in Gushan Fishing Port. Because of the rapid development of offshore fishing, Gushan soon faced the same land constraints and today only retains its functions as a coastal fishing port. Qianzhen Fishing Port then becomes to serve as a base for the offshore fishing industry.

Qianzhen Fishing Port is located in Kaohsiung City’s Qianzhen district, and is part of Kaohsiung’s inner harbor area. The east, south, and north sides feature stevedoring sites for loading and unloading ships (Kaohsiung First and Second Harbor Container Centers), industrial areas, schools, and residential areas. The west side faces Kaohsiung’s main channel.

The onshore facilities are very comprehensive, with 33 water supply facilities, 18 oil refueling stations, and 5 ice loading stations. It also includes sheltered docks for fishing vessels up to 5,000 tons. The port facilities are operating at full capacity, with the majority of moored vessels employed for tuna fishing, squid, trawling and other forms of deep sea fishing. However, during the major fishing season, the area is overcrowded, and the unloading stations and anchorage stations are often not sufficient for use.

In addition, the area incorporates related civic buildings and many industrial units. The biggest building is home to the Kaohsiung City Government Fisheries Department and many squid and tuna fishery organizations, fishing boat associations, and all manner of fish-related companies. The Council of Agriculture’s Fishing Agency Ocean Fishery Development Center (established as the southern branch office in August 1990), Taiwan Fishery Radio Station, Fisheries Research Institute (Kaohsiung Branch), and Coast Guard Administration Maritime Patrol Agency are among the other units in the port area. Currently the largest tonnage of fishing ship across Taiwan is moored in this harbor and the greatest number of catches are brought into this port, making this Taiwan’s number one fishing area.

Kaohsiung is at the heart of Taiwan’s fishing industry: crucial to deep-sea, coastal and aquaculture trades. The Kaohsiung City Fisherman’s Association is currently Taiwan’s largest fishing association. In February of this year, Qianzhen Tourist Fishing Market opened to promote the development of fishing-related tourism and leisure activities and also to shorten the sales cycle for fishermen, increasing their profits. The market can be said to be the largest in scale in all Taiwan. In the spacious, comfortable confines of the on-site fish-products center designed to resemble a large ship, people can browse the wares on sale and purchase at their ease. Outside, on the ‘deck’ of the ship, there is an artistic pool and performing arts square. It seems certain that in future Qianzhen Tourist Fishmarket, combining as it does retail, artistic and educational functions will bring countless business opportunities.

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