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Hamasen Dai Tian Temple
Location:  No.27, Gupo St., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Date: 2012-03-10 09:24:50
GPS:  120°16'16.89"E/22°37'20.66"N
Traffic Information: By car: Zhong Jen junction, Wu Fu Road, Gu Shan Road, Bing Hai Road, Gu Bo Street.
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In 1930, Da Tian Temple provided spiritual relief for people who left their home in Bei Men District, Tainan County, for Kaohsiung’s Hamasen, where it was easier to make a living , in 1930. They brought the golden body of Chin Shui Zhu Shi from their home village’s Bao An Temple

Due to the advancement of local industrial and commercial fishing industries, Hamasen people appreciated the blessing of the gods. In 1949, they invited Wu Fu Chien Sui and Chi Fu Chien Sui from Nan Kun Shen Dai Tian Temple and Ke Liao Bao An Temple, respectively, to be in charge of building a new temple. The Gu Bo Street was being named Kaohsiung Dai Tian Temple. Wu Fu Chien Sui indicated that today’s Gubo Street was where the temple should be built it was named Kaohsiung Dai Tian Temple.

The characteristics of Dai Tian Temple structures:
1. The decorated archways adopt the Northern Chinese style, and box-styled buildings adopt the Southern Chinese style. The design is elegant, and exudes an ancient feel.
2. The caisson, beams, and altars are built with delicate and beautiful works.
3.The human wood sculptures in the side halls on the left and right come from historical stories such as the flooding of Jinshan Temple, Peach Conference , Three Religion Conference, and 10,000 Gods.
4.The front hall is Dai Tian Temple, and the back hall is Chin Yun Temple. Dai Tian temple integrates Buddhism and Taoism.

Many of the snack stands in front of the temple are famous in the Hamasen district. During sunset hours, many local food lovers gather in front of the temple to enjoy tasty snacks. It is one of the few temple entrances that is crowded with snacks and people.

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