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Film Information
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Film Information

1In order to promote Kaohsiung and encourage film producers to come to this city to shoot movies, find a view, and provide the best venue and facility services, we have specifically formulated these points for attention. 

2.Organizations and individuals who meet one of the following criteria can rent a venue field or equipment from us:
1)      The film contains scenes of this city (At least 20% of the edition shown in theaters)
2)      The content of the plot is related to this city.
3)      A concrete written proposal that will promote the city that also receives the approval of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government.

3. The following attachments must be included along with the renting application:
1.) Our application form (With the company seal, and for graduated students, please affix the department seal of your major)
2.) Event proposal. (A venue layout drawing must be included for people who rent the multipurpose meeting room)
3.)Event descriptions and schedule for planned use.
4.)  A roster of the staff  who will use the facilities. (People who rent the cutting room must include this)

4. Points of attention:
1.) The system of advance application is used for the renting of all venues and equipment. Other than filling out the application form, complete film information and a shooting proposal must be attached to the application. We reserve the right to decide whether to rent or not.
2.) Recipients of related subsidies and cooperation cases involving the Kaohsiung City Government, and films that have been invited to participate in the Kaohsiung Film Festival can rent venues on a priority basis.
3.) The allotted rental time is three days at most. The users must re-register and apply when the rental time expires. If no one else applies to use the venue, then the users can request for an extension of the rental rime and renting can continue after approval is received from us.
4.) If anything is damaged, it has to be repaired within one week or the users have to pay for compensation equal to the original price to avoid affecting the rights of future users. If the equipment is not repaired in one week, we reserve the right to pursue compensation from the users.
5.) For matters not covered by these points, we reserve the rights of final explanation.

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